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Hi Friends,

It was not easy become the finest moving and transport company in the United States. In fact 25 years of really hard work and persistence is what it takes to become one of the largest and most importantly, the finest moving and storage company in America today.

From humble beginnings more than 25 years ago, White Glove Transport started with 1 truck and a big dream. The dream was to provide a First class professional moving service and White Glove Transport with excellence, at a reasonable price. We have become the dream and are proud to serve the entire United States from coast to coast 7 days a week 24 hours a day with our fleet of state of the art trucks and our professional well trained team members.

Speaking of first class, We now have a beautiful state of the art climate controlled securitized storage facility. Our five storey facility serves as our national terminal for our operation in the United States and for our international operations as well.

White Glove Moving and Storage is proud to have team members from diverse backgrounds and ethnic origins and on behalf of the entire White Glove team we look forward to serving you with excellence and pride.

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