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White Glove Moving And Storage Company Dear friends and future clients,
Thank you for inquiring into White glove VIP services, and it is indeed an honor to have the opportunity to earn your trust and business. WHITE GLOVE MOVING AND STORAGE would like to invite you to take the time to review our essential moving tips which will assist you in the sometimes daunting task of choosing a professional moving company.

Moving can be a strenuous ordeal both physically and psychologically and we look forward to speaking with you about your upcoming relocation requirements in order to prepare for you an accurate professional quote for your move. Your move is as individual as you are and we would prefer to customize your estimate.

White Glove Moving & Storage is one of the largest full service professional household goods moving company in the United States. We are fully licensed Intrastate and Interstate Movers with a large fleet of state of the art trucks and professional well trained team units. Come see why many consider White Glove to be the number 1 moving company in the United States today. Experience the White Glove difference – we move America.

For over 25 years White Glove MOVING AND STORAGE has been moving thousands of great people and families like you and yours along with a Presidential family member, 2 former Vice presidents, NFL, MLB, celebrities, military, embassy families and businesses from coast to coast 7 days a week 24 hours a day and it is an honor to earn your business and your move..

Essential Moving Tips:

1.Reputable Moving Companies - Versus - Moving brokers?

Moving brokers are those that act as a middle man between customers and moving companies. They often front companies with bad records and many complaints that cannot solicit their services any more. Simply, brokers have a few trucks if any and they will usually quote a low price in order to lure you in.They will usually quote in cubic feet which is illegal. On the day of the move a different moving company will show up with a new contract and new big prices.

2.Check all moving companies only at government operated web sites:

Two easy steps to check a company:

1. Click the following link: www.safersys.org go to FMCSA Searches under Company Snapshot.

2. Enter the Legal name, USDOT#, or MC# of a moving company and press 'Search'.
The information you are most interested is the Number of 'power units' (trucks) and the number of drivers. A simple way to identify moving brokers! Typically they have one or two 'power units' (trucks) and few if any drivers. Also check to see whether they have any interstate mileage (a tell tale sign).

3. What are hidden charges?
Mileage, fuel, tolls, taxes, tools, flights of stairs, elevators, long walks, disassembly & reassembly of items, storage in transit, Shuttle services, a Setup of your new home, insurance. Those are just a few of the hidden charges not included in some estimates. Many estimates have a line that says "additional services would apply additional charges" this allows those companies to over charge you for necessary services on the day of your move or even worse, on the day of the delivery.

With White Glove Moving & Storage there are no surprises. You will get all the information you need up front! - No Hidden Charges! Taxes, fuel, tolls (for Long Distance Moves), mileage, tools, carrier's liability insurance, loading & unloading, flights of stairs, a full disassembly & reassembly of any items that may need it, and a full setup of your new home. 30 Days Free Storage, with no in/out or redelivery fees on Long Distance Moves - ALL INCLUDED

Many companies also base their estimates on discounted tariff rates and offer major discounts (50% -65%). They fail to inform the customers that there are many reasons to cancel discounts. For example if on the move day you have a few more items or a different weight than the weight you were quoted the rate can suddenly double or even triple! The information on the extra charges is typically provided to the customers just before delivering. Be Careful!

4. Better Business Bureau
Checking movers only at the Better Business Bureau web site is not enough! Many moving brokers will have a clean record there because customer complaints were not issued against them; they sent other companies to perform the move. Often scammers change their name frequently so they can have a clean record with the BBB.
White Glove Moving & Storage has an excellent record with the Better Business Bureau and is an active participant in the BBB On-line Reliability Program.

5. Packing Services
We recommend that our customers self pack everything they can in order to save on any packing materials charge. Our trucks are fully equipped and our team will provide an excellent professional VIP Full Packing or Partial Packing service if needed. Our quotes have packing materials itemized. Please keep in mind that we will send a professional team. Our foreman will ensure that all of your belongings are properly packed and padded.
We look forward to speaking with you and with best regards,

White Glove Moving & Storage Inc.
Tel: 1.800.667.MOVE

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